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Dec. 31st, 2037

Mijumaru - Evo. Line <3
Sorry guys, but this journal is

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Most likely, if you are looking at this journal you are coming from Pokemon Collectors. You all probably know that I'm an otter freak, but believe it or not, I love other pokemon too! :B Who would've thought, right?

I collect the following:

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Days 29 and 30

Mijumaru - HUG!! <3
Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

Day 29: Most Annoying Move

Outrage. It is SO impossible for me to beat any pokemon using this move, it makes me so frustrated!

Day 30: Favorite Pokemon

I'm just gonna leave this here:



Holy crap, I actually finished it. :O
Mijumaru - Evo. Line &lt;3
Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

Day 20: Favorite Item

Glacidea/Castelia Cone

Day 21: Favorite Gym Leader


I always thought she was really cool. x3

Day 22: Least Favorite Gym Leader

Crasher Wake

There are no words. argjgjgjrjgrjjgjrjgjrg just, dislike.

Day 23: Guilty Pleasure on Line-up

I guess trying to have all of my otters on my team. Miju is never strong enough to take on most tough enemies, but I want him there because he's awesome. ;U;/ <3

Day 24: Favorite Type

Either Water or Grass Types! I can't choose, I love them both so much! <3

Day 25: Least Favorite Type

Rock Types. I just...I dunno, I've never liked them very much at all. ^^;;

Day 26: Favorite Eeveelution

#197: Umbreon

Has been and always will be. Me thinks. x3

Day 27: Favorite Song

The theme song for Movie 11. In terms of in game music, all of it! Pokemon always has really nice music. <3

Day 28: Favorite Move

Shell Blade! <3

Day 19: Ugliest Pokemon

Mijumaru - Evo. Line &lt;3
Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

Day 19: Ugliest Pokemon

#538 and 539: Throh and Sawk

There is nothing creative or different about them, they just look like Bert and Ernie wearing Judo outfits. Lame and ugly, imo.

Day 18: Cutest Pokemon

Mijumaru - Evo. Line &lt;3
Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

Day 18: Cutest Pokemon

#501: Oshawott

Cutest Pokemon ever~~ <33333

Day 17: Favorite Dark Type

Mijumaru - Evo. Line &lt;3
Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

Day 17: Favorite Dark Type

#197: Umbreon

Umbreon has always been my favorite dark type, and always will be, I think. I had an Umbreon on my team always up until BW, and my sister always had an Espeon, so this pokemon brings happy memories. <3


So now you know my favorites of every type - what are your thoughts, if any? <3
Mijumaru - Evo. Line &lt;3
Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

Day 12: Favorite Normal Type

#573: Cinccino

I love it when popular pokemon get unloved evolutions, because their evolutions are always so much more interesting. <3 I need to update my collection site for my chinchillas so badly! But I still love her lots and lots! x3

Day 13: Favorite Ghost Type

#425 and 607: Drifloon and Litwick

I honestly cannot choose between these two. So don't ask! Litwick is creepy cute and Drifloon is sentimental to me. I love both of their shiny versions to bits. Just, best ghosties! <3

Day 14: Favorite Ice Type

#582: Vanillite

You know, Vanillite, I hated you so much when I saw you and your evo line. I said 'my God they've made ice cream and garbage bag pokemon, they are really starting to run out of ideas.' Despite your cold, quirky disposition, I warmed up to you, but I would not admit it to myself.

And now I defend you from nay-sayers because you are amazing. I love you, little ice cream, and your derpy evolutions. <3

Day 15: Favorite Dragon Type

#646: Kyurem

Specifically, I love his shiny form the most, but Kyurem is most awesome dragon. Yes. <3

Day 16: Favorite Steel Type

#395: Empoleon

I harbor a secret love for the penguin starter (though I absolutely hate the Piplup in the anime, ugh). I thought Empoleon's type combo was so original, and I love penguins too, so it just makes him awesome amazingness. YES.
Mijumaru - Evo. Line &lt;3
Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

Day 10: Favorite Psychic Type

#151: Mew

Mew has always been one of my favorites! If I could I would collect him, but there;s just too much merch and I haven't got the patience for him plus otters plus mins, with his merch being so old. ;-; Yes, I'm a quitter, but I still want his pokedolls someday! <3

Day 11: Favorite Fighting Type

#647: Keldeo Resolution Forme

I wish more was revealed about Keldeo's alternate form, because I like him better than either of these two so far! And if he's a fighting type it would be my favorite by far. <3 But I do love these two so much I can't pick between them atm. Just SO amazing! <3

OMG he's THE BEST! <3 I love him SOSOSOSOSOSOSOS MUCH and they did SO good with his sprite and YESSS. <3 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this new forme so much!! ^U^

Day 8 and 9: Favorite Rock and Ground Types

Mijumaru - Evo. Line &lt;3
Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

Day 8: Favorite Ground Type

#618: Maggyo

I love him so much because of how enthusiastic my boyfriend is about him. x3 So I just can't help but smile and be giddy when I see him! <3

Day 9: Favorite Rock Type

#476: Probopass

He is a gigantic floating nose. Your argument is invalid. xD